Protect Your Livestock With Proactive Steps

Online Livestock Health Data Platform

Artemis Health is an online livestock health data platform that allows farmers to take proactive steps to protect their animals. The platform provides digital record-keeping, predictive health tracking, genetic testing for breeding and risks, epidemic monitoring and alerts, and industry benchmarking and data.

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Visible and efficient flow of information driving profit and sustainability.

Organize and Track Health Profiles

Scan standard RFID ear tags to pull up an animal’s profile on a mobile device, and input vet notes, medications, and other health data

Sensors Integration and Anomaly Detection

software is integrated with temperature and stomach sensors, detecting anomalies and symptoms, and predicting health outcomes

Genetic Risk Pattern Screening

Partnered with animal genetics labs to get genomic profiles of your livestock, and predict risk factors based on each animal’s genetic profile

In-House Breeding Evaluation

Based on your animals’ genomic profiles, phenotypic matches will be calculated for in-house breeding programs.

Real-Time Epidemic Tracking

Automatically get reports on CFIA and USDA alerts involving directives, food poisoning and emerging epidemics, and take necessary actions

Data Collection & Analytics

Collected data and analytics on your livestock health status can be used for benchmarking, medication symptom tracking, clinical trials and drug developments

Full Visibility & Transparency In Your Herd

Use smart devices and technologies, and implement easy-to-use online platform to improve your business productivity

Online Dashboard

Easily review your overall livestock health data on the dashboard and manage each animal's profile individually.

Limit Risks

Predict genetic risk factors, get updated information on emerging epidemics, and take necessary actions immediately.

Smart Devices

API integration with RFID ear tags and temperature and stomach sensors, helping you in collecting data, identifying symptoms and more.

Healthy Offsprings

Phenotypic matches are calculated for planning in-house breeding programs driving healthy, desirable traits in your livestock.

We help you take care of your herd

Artemis Health is a place for animal and herd health data, with actionable recommendations, benchmarks, and predictions on diseases, genetic complications, and phenotypic breeding strategies.

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