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Topic: Modern Preventive Actions to Maintain Livestock Health

Time: 10:30 AM on November 12, 2023

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The role of livestock farmers is fundamentally to breed and care for animals that are commercially consumed, preparing them for market. It takes years to raise livestock, but they are a valuable asset that is prone to sickness, disease, and genetic complications. Beyond calling a vet when something is wrong, farmers do not have a clear way to track and make decisions about livestock health and lack the tools to take proactive steps to protect their animals.
Historically, livestock software has been focused on yield and process management, not health. Nowadays, health is still traditionally handled by veterinarians, using their own practice management software.

Artemis invites you to participate in this event to explore modern and efficient solutions and make hope for the health of the future of animal husbandry.
We hope to achieve a good result and make a more promising future for these precious animals through this event by hearing about the problems of livestock farmers, and the solutions proposed by experts, and discussing the solutions of Artemis.

Artemis Health is an online livestock health data platform that allows farmers to take proactive steps to protect their animals. The platform provides digital record-keeping, predictive health tracking, genetic testing for breeding and risks, epidemic monitoring and alerts, and industry benchmarking and data.
Your participation is highly valued, so we can’t wait to welcome you.

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